Chapter 29: An Invitation to the Battlefield (End)

While watching the door Albert and Laura exited from, Carlyle breathed a sigh. 

“…I don’t like doing things that make me hate myself…”

Sending a little girl to the battlefield by igniting her sense of duty to her hometown.

A truly deplorable deed.

“—So why did the Great Master Carlyle send Laura to the battlefield, going as far as to fall into self-hatred?”

Firvus, who still remained in the room, inquired Carlyle.

“It was for Albert.”


“In my opinion, Albert is like a kite with a cut thread.” 

“What do you mean?”

“Albert himself doesn’t have a clear will nor motivation. He was carried away by the wind and aimlessly drifted to this academy. That’s the only reason he’s here. I don’t know how long he’ll be here for.”

“Well… he does give off that impression.”

“The one who fastens him to reality and guides him is probably Laura. If Albert is the kite, then Laura is the string. In order to guide Albert in the proper direction, it’d probably be best for Laura to be there.”

“I see now…”

Firvus made an evil laugh.

“For that reason—for that reason alone, you sent a 15-year-old girl who’s still immature as a magician to the battlefield. What a scummy guy!”

“I said so, didn’t I? That I hate myself for it.”

Carlyle sighed for the second time.

He didn’t want to shove a girl into such a large-scale battle, where the possibility of defeat existed.  

However, our hero had yet to awaken. 

As long as that was the case, Laura’s existence was necessary.

“But I guess… it’s not that bad of a deal for Laura.”

Firvus elaborated on his point.

“Though there’s still the matter of her village, Laura has talent; She has the desire to improve herself. If there’s anywhere to polish your skills, it’s the battlefield. If she comes back safely, she’ll become a valuable asset.”

“I have my concerns about that as well…”

Carlyle placed his hand on his brow after speaking.


“Laura has talent—quite an exceptional amount, at that. How about I tell you something interesting, Firvus?”

“What is it? Spit it out already.”

“The kingdom makes ample use of the white-haired geniuses that come from Laura’s village. They’ve been consequently leaving certain records about the magicians born there since long ago.”

“Really now?”

“If you were to read through those records—you’d see that Laura’s hair is exceedingly white, even throughout successive generations.”

“That snow-like pure white hair of hers, huh?”

“That’s right. It’s as if she’s the second advent of the Witch of Calamity.”

The records state that the white-haired geniuses born in that village possess more mana the whiter their hair is. 

The latent abilities that Laura, who has the same pure-white hair as the Witch of Calamity, might—

Firvus burst out laughing. 

“You’re overthinking it, Carlyle! Unfortunately for you, Laura has a great personality, and her attitude towards studying is outstanding! She won’t become some Witch of Calamity!”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to that future of hers as well.”

The existence that guides the hero turns into a calamity.

Carlyle didn’t hope for such a dark joke to become reality.

However, Carlyle knew—a person’s personality, life, and fate can all flip upside down with the slightest trigger.

Please, let be me wrong

Carlyle prayed that from the depths of his heart.

“Come in.”

Immediately after Father spoke, Alencia entered the office.

At the other end of the massive office desk, Father, the current head of the Luminous family, sat on his chair. Alencia stood in front of the desk.

“I’ve come to say my goodbyes, Father. In accordance with the king’s decree, I, Alencia Luminous, shall depart tomorrow.”

Father gave a large nod.

“Show me the fruits of this war, Alencia. The king has high expectations for you, which is why he appointed you as Supreme Commander. Annihilate those lizards without fail.”

“Please leave it to me.”

Alencia smiled without the faintest hint of the grim resolve accompanied by impending war. 

Only those who had not the slightest notion of potential failure, who saw only the shining light of their own future—could make smile in such a manner.

Just as Father said, it was decided that Alencia would take command of the lizard hunt. 

The kingdom organized a large army made to thoroughly obliterate their colony.

Regardless of Alencia’s social status, this was no battle fit for a 25-year old to command. 

Nevertheless, the king entrusted it to Alencia, pinning his expectations onto the talent of the wonder child, whose reputation continued to soar even after graduating at the top of his class in a prestigious school.

The message from the king was clear.

Win this war. No dissenters shall arise against you with this victory. I shall entrust you with a key position within the country thereafter. 

Once this mission ends, Alencia will spread his wings even further than ever before.

Naturally, Father knew this fact as well.

“—I will officially announce the successor upon your triumphant return. It goes without saying it’s you, Alencia. Bring the Luminous household to greater prosperity by gifts of victory and glory.”

The grand party held not long ago was to make Alencia’s grand promotion by the king common knowledge while at the same time implicitly making known that Alencia was unofficially appointed as the next head of the Luminous family. 


The news of the next heir would subsequently be officially announced for the kingdom to see together with his glorious victory, which would garner the envy of everyone. 

That would only serve to further propel the name of the Luminous household—no, Alencia’s name throughout the world. 

Alencia smiled sweetly.

“Thank you very much. I, Alencia, shall brilliantly carry out my duty to meet Father’s expectations.”

Alencia spun around and began exiting the room thereafter. 

Alencia never once considered that he would fail.

The reason being that he has never once made a mistake in his life.

It was as if all of Alencia’s failures were carried over to that dimwitted older brother of his.

Aah… When I think of it like that, maybe there really was meaning in his birth…

Remembering the foolish older brother of his that he would never meet again, Alencia’s lips curved into a sinister smile. 

Today’s chapter. Next one coming later today as usual, see you then and thanks for reading. Also, I’ve now caught up with the previous translator, so I’m willing to take translation requests. I still have the other novel recommended by another reader here: . A young boy wants to become the hero even though he has no magic affinities. Let me know if you guys want to see that translated in the comments or email, or if you have any other novels you want me to translate.


  1. If you’re still looking for another novel, try “A Genius Boy Who Was Exiled From His Family Home for “Not Being Able To Use Magic” Becomes a Witch’s Apprentice and Masters All Magic in the Right Way. This Is How You Use Your Magic, You Know?”. It seems good, and the previous translator dropped it. I’m not sure how to find out where the raws are.

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    1. hey thanks for the suggestion. found the raws on syosetu. right now I’m thinking of making a poll or something with a list of recommended web novels (including yours and the other one) plus some other ones I found that looked good. id rather have you guys choose than me arbitrarily picking something random. still thinking about it so ill give it some time to see if i get any more recommendations, then ill try out that poll thing.

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      1. Yeah a poll is a great idea if you don’t have a preference yourself

        BTW just wanted to say that I really appreciate your translations. They are really good, I mean I really can’t find anything to complain about, you even post like 2 chapters a day which is a lot tbh.

        So yeah good job on the translations! Looking forward to reading more from you.

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      2. Yeah I’ll give it a couple more days then I’ll make a poll or something. also thanks for the support, I appreciate it 🙂

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  2. Thanks For chap
    I really don’t want some sh*t like mc ‘s brother going after FL.

    Lol she was sent to be his guide huh~
    now i am even more curious about what the actual story of the witch was

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