Chapter 37: A Turn for the Worse

“Huh? Albert is joining our squad?”

Lihilt stared at us in surprise after speaking.

Baron Lihilt Strahm, the leader of the detached squad we saved when we arrived late to the start of the war. 

Just as he said, it was decided that we’d be added to the detached squad he leads.

Before the third battle started, we arrived here after Firvus brought us along.

“Let’s get along well, Lihilt.”

Firvus slapped Lihilt’s shoulder.

Lihilt shook his head with an unconvinced look.

“No, but like, our squad is really dangerous. You’re all helpers from the academy, right? I can’t believe this management of personnel… This must be some sort of mistake! I’ll go check with headquarters!”

Firvus grabbed Lihilt, who tried to walk away after saying that.

“I heard this directly from the higher-ups. I’m telling you there’s no mistake.”

Firvus pointed at me with his chin.

“At first, they told me that they’d only add Albert to this squad.”

That was news to me.

“Only me?”

“That’s right, only you. At first, that is.”

“So then why did Mr. Firvus and Laura tag along?” 

“Because I asked the higher-ups.”

Firvus responded immediately.

I couldn’t comprehend his judgment. Even someone moronic like myself understood that the detached squad was dangerous. Despite that, why did Firvus make such a decision—

“Was it your sense of responsibility as a teacher?”

If that were the case, I’d prefer he didn’t think like that. There was no need for not only Firvus but Laura as well to be exposed to danger.

Firvus scratched his chin with a hesitant look.

“…Well, part of me wants to say that’s the reason why, but… If I were to tell the truth, it’s because I concluded that it’d be safer by your side.”

“Huh? By my side…?”

I didn’t understand what he meant in the slightest.

What was Firvus saying? A teacher like Firvus would be more reliable than me. Maybe this was his way of hiding his embarrassment.

“At the very least, it’d be best if Laura was in the main army—”

“Please don’t worry, Albert! I’ll do my best. I can’t just put you through all the danger!” 

Laura firmly clasped her hands together and spoke.

I felt a sense of restlessness.

I was the only one who needed to be exposed to danger. Involving everyone else—especially the young Laura—wasn’t a good idea, either.

“Don’t look so glum.”

Firvus slapped my chest.

“Relax. As long as you have your act together, none of us—including Lihilt and co.—will die. I guarantee it. If you’re worried about Laura, go off and desperately protect her.”

Firvus sneered at me.

Those words of his—

made me remember my oath.

Did I not swear to myself the day Carlyle summoned us and ordered us to take part in the war?

I swore that if Laura believed me to be her hero—

Then I’d protect her.

I looked at Laura.

She intently stared at me, her eyes brimming with trust. I could sense that she wished strongly to fight together with me.

I don’t know.

Was I really so much of a hero that Laura placed her faith in me?

Was I really worthy enough for Laura to entrust her back to me?

I don’t know.

However, she trusted in me.

I needed to respond to her faith. 

I shifted my gaze to Firvus.

“…Understood. I’ll… do it.”

“Yeah, I’m counting on you.”

Firvus chuckled, then whispered to himself, setting his gaze somewhere far away.

“Looks like someone misunderstood who was responsible for last time’s victory… I wonder how the main army will end up today. They’ll probably pay dearly in reparations.”


Govilbalfesse shouted.

The soldiers following behind him bellowed loudly.

The Govilbalfesse Squad, which was appraised for its courageousness in the second battle, was ordered to serve as the vanguard for the third battle.

Thrash the enemy as much as you so desire.

Before departing to battle, Alencia ordered Govilbalfesse like so.

He then continued even further:

“I do not believe in the slightest that your accomplishments during the second battle were a fluke. Demonstrate your power in this battle to your heart’s content. Victory or defeat lies within your hands.”

Govilbalfesse felt his body burn with passion after Supreme Commander Alencia spoke to him in person.

This was his lucky chance.

Alencia, who held the favor of the king, harbored expectations for Govilbalfesse.

If I produce results here

That desire of his was by no means a misconception.

Alencia brought his face next to Govilbalfesse’s and whispered.

“…I need results. Distinguish yourself as the one who guided this war to triumph. If you do, I shall never forget your name. I hereby promise to mediate with the king and grant you a position fitting of your ability.”

Those words still lingered in Govilbalfesse’s ear, even as he arrived at the battlefield.

Govilbalfesse put strength into his shoulders.

What a miracle.

The door to fame and power opened seldom, whose visage remained ever-unseen to those ill-fortuned. And now, it laid right beyond the horizon.

Its gate laid wide open, waiting for Govilbalfesse to dive headfirst into it.

I shall meet Lord Alencia’s expectations without fail!

Govilbalfasse unsheathed his two-handed sword.


Before his eyes was a group of over 20 lizardmen, raising strange voices while charging forward.

“Magic Arrow!”

The magician squad standing in the rear fired Magic Arrow and other offensive spells one after another.

Although their spells struck the lizardmen horde, their charge didn’t abate in the slightest.

The lizardmen rushed through the sea of spells in the blink of an eye.

Govilbalfesse clicked his tongue.

Nothing but worthless Magic Arrows! Magicians sure are a useless bunch of bastards!

That which I can confide in is nothing but my sword, after all.

Govilbalfesse raised his sword and shouted.

“Let’s go, knight squad! FORWARD!”


The knights charged forward together with Govilbalfesse.

The free-for-all had begun.

Govilbalfesse mercilessly bisected the approaching lizardmen.


Just then, a massive lizardman double the size of the rest suddenly appeared before Govilbalfesse.

Tattoos were densely carved around both of his arms and face, as well as other parts of his body.

Without the slightest care, Govilbalfesse charged at it and swung his two-handed sword.


Govilbalfesse’s ferocious slash destroyed the lizardman’s crude sword and shield in an instant.

Govilbalfesse veered his sword at the face of the lizardman, which lost its defensive capabilities.



Rather than the sound of cutting flesh—

the noise of fissured steel reverberated.


Govilbalfesse reflexively uttered a voice of shock.

The lizardman’s head didn’t fly from its neck. Far from it, the lizardman bit into the sword, stopping it in its tracks.

Countless rows of sharp teeth pierced through the thick blade of the two-handed sword.


Together with a dull noise, the blade was crunched and split into two.


Taking advantage of the window of opportunity provided by the dumbfounded Govilbalfesse, the lizardman struck him in the stomach.

That mere, singular strike crushed his steel armor, boring a hole all the way through his abdomen.

A pain he’s never felt before—a pain so intense that it felt like his internal organs exploded coursed through his bent body. 

The lizardman had tremendous physical strength; Its power drew a distinct line between the tattooed specimen so far.

…This lizard… is stronger than the ones from before!

This time, the lizardman struck Govilbalfesse’s temple with his right fist.

Something exploded.

That was the last thing Govilbalfesse perceived on death’s door.

Govilbalfesse fell to the ground—

never to move again.

Todays second chapter finally done. This was a hard one to translate, so I hope it reads fine. GN, I’m tired.


  1. Thanks for chap
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  2. Uo!!! por mob Goblin something guy… being took by autor san cruel ways to make an example… just two chapters… is this some kind of record?? I mean a character only being used on a story by a mere two chapters.

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  3. RIP to all the widowers and daughters will be sold as slaves. The noble’s foolishness and greed killed your husband you should blame them. There might be some waifus included in the magicians division well shame waste of waifus


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