Chapter 48: To the Luminous Territory

Summer break started—

and Laura and I began our visit to Marquis Luminous.

Although I say that, we’ll be heading to his actual home in the Luminous territory, not some visitor residence in the royal capital.

That was where Father designated our first talk in 10 years.

I was raised in that home—

and banished from that home.

The Luminous territory was quite a ways off from the capital, but travel was simple, as we’d be using a teleportation circle.

We’d be able to instantly transfer from a building with a teleportation circle to another building with a teleportation circle.

“I’ve been informed of the circumstances from Marquis Luminous. Come in.”

When Laura and I walked towards the transportation circle building located in the capital, an administrator quickly lead us to the back.

Teleportation circles aren’t so easily useable.

It consumes a massive amount of mana each time it’s activated, and management costs are high as well.

Only prominent nobles and those who have earned official permission can use it. In other words, my Father—Marquis Luminous—is someone who can use it freely.

“Have you used a teleportation circle before, Laura?”

“I have. We used it during the water quality investigation, right?”

That’s right—We traveled to Lake Bjarnu’s vicinity using a teleportation circle, then walked the rest of the way.

“But that was because everyone from the academy was using it. This is my first time using it on a personal level, so… I’m kinda unsure if it’s really alright for me to use it.” 

Practically all commoners never get the chance to use it, so I don’t blame her…

The administrator opened the door with a clank. Therein laid a room with countless circles drawn over each other, with each circle filled with intricate magical characters.

“Now then, please step forward to the teleportation circle, you two.”

The administrator faced the bookshelf by the wall and took out a single book. He flipped through the pages and checked their contents.

“This shall bring you to the Luminous territory.”

“Thank you.”

After affirming the contents of the book, I placed it in the middle of the teleportation circle.

This book would determine our destination.

“I shall now activate it. Please be careful not to step out of the teleportation circle.”

The administrator touched the control panel.

The loud, repetitive sound of a cogwheel revolving reverberated from the room’s surroundings. At the same time, the teleportation circle at our feet shined blue.

The moment the light shined brighter and brighter and dyed my field of vision  bluish-white—

The light suddenly disappeared.

The room was practically the same as the one from before. A teleportation circle was drawn on the floor, and a bookshelf was placed near the wall. 

However, the placement was different.

The administrator was gone, and so was the book placed in the center of the circle.

The room resembled the other one, but it was separate from it.

“Looks like we arrived.”

I opened the door and moved to the adjoining room.

A different administrator from last time saw me, then instantly stood up from his chair and deeply bowed his head to me. 

“Lord Albert Luminous, you’ve done well to arrive here.”

…I feel a difference in the way I’m being treated…

I could tell without a doubt that this was the Luminous territory.

Father was probably thorough with his instructions, as the man knew I was Albert Luminous.

A man in the corner of the room quickly approached us.

He wore a white shirt on top of his black vest and wore black trousers. He looked to be around his mid-twenties.

He didn’t have much of a presence, like a shadow.

After putting his right hand on his chest, he bowed to me with movements that radiated the refinement of his manners.

“I am pleased to meet you, Lord Albert. I am Sebastian, a butler employed at the Luminous household. I’ve been instructed to accompany you by Marquis Luminous.”

After saying that, he tilted his head in a slightly puzzled fashion.

“I’ve been told that you would be returning with a school friend, but who might this person be?”

“I-I, I’m Laura! N-Nice chu-… to meet you!”

Laura responded while fumbling over her words. I could see that both her body and expression were stiff with tension.

…Is she gonna be alright…?

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well. Please tell me if you need anything, Miss Laura.”

Sebastian spoke in a polite tone and bowed to Laura as well.

“Now then, I shall now lead the way. This way, please. A horse carriage has been prepared in advance.”

After speaking, Sebastian began walking gallantly.

We boarded the carriage and headed towards my home.

I could see the scenery of the Luminous territory from the carriage window.

It was definitely smaller in scale compared to the capital, but as expected from the metropolis of a marquis, it was well developed and had plenty of commercial establishments. Crowds of people were busily making their way across the streets.

Laura sat next to me with both hands on her thighs, her body completely stiff.

“…What’s wrong?”

“U-Um…! This is my, um, f-first time riding a carriage! Are my m-manners alright!?”

“Just ride as you normally would.”

I pointed out the carriage window.

“How about watching the scenery or something?”

“Isn’t it bad manners to look around everywhere!?”

“It’s fine. You don’t need to worry about it.”


Laura moved her neck with the motion akin to a rusty gear and turned her eyes to the scenery.

…A commoner stepped foot into the world of nobility; It was probably unreasonable for me to tell her not to be nervous. I’m giving her a hard time… It’d be fine for her to relax without worrying so much, though.



The instant I called Sebastian, who was sitting in front of me, he smiled sweetly.

Until then, he was dead silent and erased his presence, like a clam in its shell. I guess this was how a butler conducted himself. 

“I apologize if I’m forgetting, but I don’t know you. Have you been employed at the Luminous household since ten years ago?” 


Sebastian shook his head.

“I’ve been servicing the marquis since last week.”

“…Since a week…?”

“Yes. Master expressed that he wishes to see younger faces among the servants. He has been successively replacing employees with the exception of those employed within the last few years.”

Master—That was Marquis Luminous, my father.

“I see. In other words, almost everyone was fired… is what you’re saying?”

“Speaking bluntly, yes. Although, they’ve been paid amply in severance payment, and I hear that Master will give them references for their next job if they so desire.”

At the very least, it seems like Father is fulfilling the minimum courtesy to me.

He dismissed the senior servants.

He hired the butler Sebastian a week ago.

A single thing came to my mind.

“…Tell me. Did Marquis Luminous begin enforcing that policy of his after he returned from the capital?”

“That is what I’ve been told.”

I sighed in my mind.

So I was right.

He was taking these measures for my sake.

A fool compared to my brilliant younger brother Alencia such as myself was a laughing stock at home. Even the servants bad-mouthed me behind my back.

That’s right—Even the servants.

Father, who knew about this, fired the senior servants.

On whose behalf?

On my behalf.

Now that Alencia is dead, I was the only remaining successor to the Luminous household. If he displeased me, he wouldn’t have anyone else.

That’s why Father went ahead and removed anything that I would find unpleasant.

The only successor he had in the world, or the replaceable senior servants.

The choice was obvious.

I indeed felt reluctant to meet the servants that laughed at me. I was thinking of how I should deal with them, but—

To think they’d all be fired.

The speed of his decision expressed the firmness of his will.

In other words, he’s saying that he’d bring me back at any cost.

“…Ah, Albert. I can see a big castle!”

I heard Laura’s voice. I stopped my train of thought.

Looking at the same scenery that Laura was, I spoke.

“Ah, that. That’s my parents’ house.”

“Your parents’ house!? Home!? Castle!?”

Laura looked back at me with a shocked look and raised a hysteric voice.

That’s right—

From the carriage window, I saw my parents’ house—Marquis Luminous’ castle.

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  1. Boy, the Marquis is going all out. I can sort of feel Albert’s mixed feelings about this, though… Wonder if this would lead to a disgruntled ex-servant plotting revenge?
    Anyway, thanks for the chapter. You’re doing a good job.

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    1. Yeah hes pretty desperate and reasonably so. Thanks for reading and the feedback, lmk if theres anything you think i could improve


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  3. I know how proud the Marquis is of the otouto, but I’m pretty sure he was stressed out from him because of all the gambles he makes, that’s what I feel anyways, not sure how to feel about the Marquis because he banished Albert but gave him a home and allowance, and then he fires the servants but makes sure to take proper care of them afterwards, I don’t really understand how his head works 100%, but, whatever.

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