Chapter 53: The First Step as the Luminous Hero

We travelled to the main road by flying with my Magic Arrow after the shopkeeper told me where it was.

“Wow, this is pretty bad…”

Laura spoke with a sad-sounding voice.

Every inch of the main road was buried with compact rubble due to the landslide, and large boulders and broken trees protruded from all over the place. The situation was extremely dangerous.

The men working on repairing the road yelled, “Wait there!”, “Over there, over there!”, “It’s dangerous, so get outta the way!” at each other while working earnestly.

After watching them for a little while, I approached a middle-aged man who looked like the supervisor.

“Can I have a bit of your time?”

“The hell do you want!? It’s dangerous, so get back!”

The supervisor shouted at me with bloodshot eyes from a lack of sleep.

I felt guilty for bothering him, but I was confident I could be of use. I continued to speak without hesitation.

“I believe I can assist you with some things.”

After saying that, I showed him the crest board I received from Sebastian.

Anyone who lived in the Luminous territory knew the Luminous crest—even infants.

The supervisor’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Huh? I-Is that—?”

“…I’m a magician dispatched by Marquis Luminous. I’ve received instructions from the marquis to assist in the restoration.”

I then talked with the supervisor, and it was decided that I’d help out with my magic.

“The things we wanna get rid of are the boulders and broken trees. If they suddenly lose balance, then we’ll be seeing some corpses. Our work here always prioritizes safety first—In other words, we can’t do things quickly.”

…I see.

So, I decided to rapid-fire my Magic Arrow and blow away the trees and boulders.

“Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow.”

I aimed at the rubble blocking the main road and continuously fired.

My white arrows impacted the rubble one-by-one, making loud explosion noises here and there.

Once the clouds of dusts settled—


The workers roared with shouts of joy.

That’s because both the rocks and trees were shredded to atoms.

The supervisor approached me and gripped my hands.

“Thank you! Thank you! Now that you got rid of that, we’ll be able to work remarkably faster!”

“Is that so? What work do you have left?”

“All that’s left is moving the rubble to the side and opening the road!”

“Is that so? In that case, I’ll clear up the road as well.”


I aimed my right hand at the rubble and once again uttered the words that acted as the trigger.

“Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow, Magic Arrow.”

This time around, I concentrated my spells at a single point. I aimed at the rubble in front of me and released my mana without pause.

A loud noise was made once more.

Seeing the scene of the aftermath—


—the workers raised shouts of joy once again.

It wasn’t totally spotless, but a massive hole was drilled in the middle of the rubble, and the road became passable.

“How’s this?”

“…You’re amazing, like seriously amazing! We’ll be checking how safe it is later, but this is more than enough! You’ve been a huge help! This work would’ve taken several months, but you did it so easily! You’re the savior of the Luminous territory’s economy!”

“That’s a relief.”

“That reminds me—I haven’t been informed of your name. What might it be?”


After giving it a little thought, I spoke.

“It’s Albert.”

…I kept my Luminous name a secret.

If he heard that I was the feudal lord’s son, he’d most definitely fall to the ground from shock.

That night, Laura and I ended up staying at the inn that the road recovery workers were lodging at.

The supervisor said, “At least rest up before you go!” and urged us to stay.

It didn’t seem likely that we’d have the time to return back to the Luminous capital, so I took him up on his offer.

I was pondering over things in my single room.

…Today’s events taught me all sorts of things.

It seems like I was useful to other people.

If that’s the case, then that’s what I should be doing.

That flash of inspiration would be the guidelight to this journey.

I vaguely planned on touring around the Luminous territory. However, my travels were aimless, and it wasn’t any different than mere tourism.

I’d go to some village—

And then what I’d do?

What would I feel after seeing that village and its atmosphere?
Was there any meaning to that?

Could I use that as experience to sustain my future as someone who’d inherit this territory?

That’s where I got the idea to solve the problems of the people in need.

I’d help out the villagers with the things they’re worried about. If I did that, then I’d solve their problems at the very least.

That was, without a doubt, a positive for the territory.

I’d be doing something much more worthwhile than just going on a journey.

What’s more, I already decided on the destination for the journey. I could just visit each village that was in need in order.

I was sure that if I was useful to the villagers, they’d trust me and tell me all sorts of things.

After pausing my train of thought, I thought about something else.

I wanted to hear Laura’s opinion.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the common sense of a commoner that lived a normal life. I’m sure Laura would make up for that.

Feeling restless, I visited Laura’s room.

“What’s the matter, Albert?”

I told Laura, who had a puzzled look on her face, what I thought of.

Hearing me feverishly tell her my idea, her face gradually brightened up.

“I think that’s a great idea!”
“Laura, I’d like you to tell me something. Remember when we exterminated the goblins that appeared in your village?”

“I do.”

“Are there a lot of villages troubled by goblins or something similar to how yours was?”

“There are lots. Soldiers maintain public order in the urban areas, but villages are always prone to being neglected. The villages organize vigilante corps and try their best, but there are wounded and people who lose their lives…”

“I see…”

I placed my hand on my mouth and thought hard.

“Alright, I’ve decided.”

“What are you gonna do, Albert?”
The civilians are being exposed to danger.

If the monsters are coexisting peacefully with them, then fine. But if real harm is being done, then I can’t leave the villages alone.

“I want to protect the Luminous citizens. Let’s defeat the monsters that are bothering people.”

Todays second chap. Im gonna post the one I missed this weekend. This is just kind of a filler arc to another bigger one imo, not much is gonna happen. Ill add the buttons tomorrow (im on mobile). Thats all, see you guys tomorrow


  1. personally i will choose to believe that the childish mind games will die down over time and eventually they will give up denying their feelings.


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