Chapter 78: Things You Can’t Let Go Of

Firvus continued telling me the story of The Tragedy of the Milhis Household, “That day, it wasn’t just Blain’s family that was at the villa. There were servants who had been acquainted with the marquis for many years, as well as guard soldiers in case of emergency.”

“What happened?”

“…They were all wiped out. Except for Blain, that is.”

Liches were what became of powerful magicians. Needless to say, mere guard knights were helpless in the face of such a monster.

“What actually went down at the villa? Why was Blain the only survivor?” I asked, thinking I’d receive a simple explanation. 

My expectations were completely off the mark.

“Blain’s the only one who knows that.”


“Blain hasn’t told a soul about what happened that night. He said two things and two things only: everyone died, and that they were killed by the lich,” Firvus sighed, “It is what it is. He was the only person who made it out alive, a young boy who lost everything—from his relatives to his loyal retainers. If he chooses to keep his lips sealed, no one has any way of knowing what happened, and the story ends there.”

Then, Firvus brought the story to an end, “That’s the full story of The Tragedy of the Milhis Household. He’s living his life while burdened with the weight of his past. He’s your average noble, but his way of thinking is by no means normal. His sole focus in life is revenge—nothing more, nothing less.”

“That’s true…” said Flin, agreeing with what Firvus said. “Despite being so young, Blain managed to achieve the title of Hundred, mastering over 100 spells. Although… they all heavily consist of offensive-type spells.”

“…I was thinking the same…” Firvus added to what Flin said with a gloomy look. “His head is filled with revenge… There are some things that you can’t let go off, and to Blain, it’s vengeance. Things could go terribly at the rate he’s going…” 

Is that why he challenged me to a competition, then? I contributed greatly in the previous conflict; as such, he tried using me as a benchmark to measure the level of his own offensive magic.

“So that’s why… Blain is so free from associating with the other nobles, huh…” I muttered, as if I were speaking to myself.

He probably didn’t care about the affairs of his household anymore. Becoming stronger and slaying that lich was everything to him.

As such, he was able to cast aside everything else.

To the current me, the genuineness with which he lived by was dazzling. 

“…Are you bothered by something, after all?” said Firvus, looking at me. 


“Everyone at the academy found out you’re a noble, and on top of that, you were a huge player in the last conflict. I know that Kyria and co have been approaching you pretty aggressively.”

It seems like Firvus saw right through me.

During the previous exam, I hadn’t been able to talk about it with him. It’d probably be best to get these difficult feelings off my chest here.

“…Honestly, everything’s been completely different from the first semester, and I’m at a loss as to what to do.”

Firvus and Flin didn’t say a word.

They fixed their eyes on me, waiting for my next words.

“I feel like I need to get on better terms with all the nobles, but I don’t feel like I’m fitting in with them all that well…” I began speaking, as if I were squeezing out the dark feelings deep in my chest.

“Well, that’s obvious!” Firvus spoke in a loud voice, as if to dispel my feelings. “You might’ve forgotten, but you’re more than 10 years older than them, you know? You can’t just expect to talk with them normally, you know?”

Firvus made a sharp remark, “Listen up. Even an upstanding instructor like me has a hard time making conversation with students who’re 10 years younger than me, you know? Besides, you’ve been quietly living by yourself all this time, right? There’s no way in hell you’d be able to do everything perfectly right off the bat!”

Even Firvus, a battle-seasoned instructor, didn’t have it easy.

That made me feel a little better.

“Albert, don’t feel like you’re inferior or something. Start with what you can do. This isn’t something that’ll go smoothly from the start.”

Then, Firvus continued, “Besides, it’s not like you gotta take Kyria up on his offers every single time. You have things that you want to do, no? Cherish those things.”

Things that I want to do…

Flin began talking while I was silent. “It was found out that you’re a noble, but—have you parted ways with Laura already?”

I responded out of reflex, “Of course I haven’t!”

I replied harsher than I thought, which surprised me.

“Sorry, Flin…”

“No, it’s alright. Now I understand how you feel.” 

Flin smiled, seeming a little happy. “…I think it’s a little scary.”


“You’re preoccupied with your duties as a noble, and Laura feels that she shouldn’t bother you.” said Flin, crossing her hands together and forming an x shape. “You both managed to get to know each other, but at this rate, I feel like you guys might just become estranged from each other.”

“That—” won’t happen, is what I was about to say, but I couldn’t say it out loud.

Ever since the second semester started and I got involved with Kyria, I haven’t talked with Laura—no, I haven’t even met up with her.

When I thought of that, I noticed this depressing feeling ooze throughout my chest.

That must’ve been loneliness.

Aah, so I was lonely…

Seeing me at a loss for words, Flin said, “Albert. Socializing with nobles is important too, but don’t lose sight of what’s really important, no matter what.”

Firvus continued from where Flin left off, “…Don’t keep it all to yourself. We’re teachers. We’re more than happy to give you advice!”

They were sincerely concerned for me.

They warmed my heart, which had grown cold.

I wasn’t alone.

“Flin, Mr. Firvus. Thank you.”

I had things important to Albert Luminous, and things important to just Albert.

It seems like I’ll need to put more thought into this—

is what I thought at first, but…

I didn’t need to spare another second on thinking about it.

What’s the one thing I shouldn’t ever let go of?

What sprang to mind was Laura’s smile.

That night—

A single shadow lurked in the corner of the academy’s school grounds.

That shadow was the person who Lucard called Student.

The Student was dressed in black clothes from head to toe that completely blended into the darkness. The only part that laid bare were his eyes. Whether they were male or female was a mystery.

Why were they dressed like that, you ask?

Because today was the day that they’d be trafficking the merchandise.

Trafficking the merchandise—a.k.a, taking back the Crest of Darkness.

The Crest of Darkness was currently in the outer layer of the academy for the treasure exhibition, where it would be put on display.

Tonight, they would nab it.

Then, Lucard would collect it tomorrow.

Such was Darkness’ plan.

A magic circle made of red lines was drawn on the ground beneath Student’s feet. The Student pointed his hand at the center of it and spoke the words that acted as the trigger.

Immediately after—


With a low sound that shook the very air, an ellipse of darkness darker than night itself materialized in the center of the magic circle.


Monsters made out of bones, rotting human corpses, dark shadows covered by rags—things that should’ve never been able to move came pouring from the ellipse in droves.

Skeletons, Zombies, and Wraiths.

The undead.

The Student summoned them using summoning magic.

Hordes of undead made their appearance. The academy would most likely fall into chaos. The Student would take advantage of that and nab the Crest of Darkness.

The Student sneered, vanishing into the darkness of the night. 

Yesterday’s second chap. Gonna post recreator tmrw and magic arrow, see you guys then.


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