Chapter 92: Continuation・They Call it the Realm of Gods

Right about when Albert and Lucard began their confrontation—

In one of the rooms of the royal castle, Carlyle gazed at the two of them from an Observation Crystal. “It’s finally time…” He softly chuckled. “Everything’s going smoothly.”

Carlyle’s trap, which he told to Firvus around the end of summer, was now approaching its final stages—all according to his calculations.

Carlyle told Firvus that he would be on a “business trip”, but that was all a lie from the start. He only left the royal capital for a single day; he let a substitute take care of the rest and came back immediately after.

Then, he holed himself up in one of the rooms in the royal castle, biding his time for this moment.

“Did you seriously think I’d leave the royal capital? Surely you didn’t base your move on such a naive assumption—right?” Carlyle’s eyes gleamed. “I’d feel crestfallen if you really thought I’d just up and leave… Believe it or not, I’m quite responsible when it comes to my work, you know?” he said, chuckling.

Carlyle had known for quite some time that a member of Darkness had infiltrated the academy; he detected remnants of mana exclusive to those affiliated with Darkness. Although, anyone other than Carlyle probably wouldn’t have noticed. 

This would mean that stealing the Seal of Darkness was, in all likelihood, the mole’s job.

After swiping the Seal of Darkness, would he escape from the academy?

The answer is no.

He was, after all, a spy that infiltrated the Royal Magic Academy, which you could even say is the heart of the royal capital—they couldn’t just squander such a valuable card.

Then what?

Having another member retrieve the Seal of Darkness was the next logical step.

The member tasked with retrieval would disguise themself as one of the traders that frequent the academy. As such, Carlyle prepared a trader convenient for their plans and meticulously fed them information.

Now, Carlyle could determine exactly when the retrieval member would arrive at the academy.

All that was left was to deploy a barrier that would track the Seal of Darkness’ movement onto the academy and wait for the moment of truth.

And so, the Seal of Darkness began moving, just as Carlyle expected.

Carlyle, having sensed as much, now lies in wait, watching it all go down.

“Now then… How do you like one of my Jokers, Son?”

In his crystal ball video, the Son of Darkness was intercepting Albert’s flurry of Magic Arrows with a greatsword.

“Cursed Sword Dáinsleif, huh…”

With a single glance, Carlyle figured out what the greatsword really was.

With a weapon that powerful, it’s no wonder that he can cut apart Albert’s Magic Arrow, Carlyle thought. He concluded that Albert was at a disadvantage here. 

“Guess I’ll give him a hand,” he said, casting a hologram spell. He cheerfully began speaking, “Nice to meet you, Son of Darkness. I haven’t forgotten about my dear academy students, either—how have you all been?

Then, he spurred on the academy students, “Now now, don’t hesitate. And a one, and a two, and a three: Magic Arrow~♪ Magic Arrow~♪ Magic Arrow~♪ Magic Arrow~♪

After urging them on over and over, the students finally began playing along, and a torrential downpour of Magic Arrows assailed the Son of Darkness.

“AHAHAHAHA! Now this is a sight to behold!” Carlyle said, getting a good laugh. He stood to his feet without seeing the end result.

If the Son kicks the bucket here, that’ll be the end of it.

If he doesn’t

“I suppose I’ll need to bust out another one of my Jokers.”

Another one of my Jokers.

And that Joker was Carlyle Heathcoat himself.

A huge staff leaned against the wall—it was practically as tall as Carlyle. He grabbed it and exited the room.

The staff was metallic and composed of inorganic materials.

Its name was Nibelung—and it wasn’t just some plain-old staff, either. It was a legendary artifact imbued with a powerful effect that aided the caster in spellcasting.

Carlyle walked at a brisk pace, the tapping sound of his shoes accompanying each step. He arrived at a balcony from which he had a clear view of the royal capital.

“Let’s get this show on the road.” Carlyle waved his wand and cast a spell.  

A video projecting the Son warding off Magic Arrows left and right was suspended in the air.

“Open,” he said, striking the floor with the tip of his wand. Like a water ripple, Carlyle’s mana spread throughout the entirety of the royal capital.

That was a signal.

Moments later, magic circles hidden all throughout the royal capital began shining blue. 

A countless amount of magic circles, as well as Nibelung, were an absolutely indispensable part of the spell Carlyle was about to cast. Even with Carlyle’s power, a magician ranked as a Seven, he didn’t have the prowess to pull this off on his own. 

That’s just how out of reach and tremendous this spell—a divine-class spell that existed in the realm of Gods—was.

“O Divine Dragon King, dweller of a realm beyond human understanding! Heed my earnest plea!” Carlyle’s sonorous voice traveled through the skies above the royal capital. “Here and now, I implore thee! Forevermore from this moment in time, I pray to thee! Bestow thine all-encompassing annihilation unto those who know not of their own insignificance!”

Carlyle then pointed the tip of his wand at the Son of Darkness, who was currently fighting with Albert at the academy in the distance. “The one who must perish is him!”

Upon speaking, Carlyle felt recoil in his hand. Invisible mana surged forth from Nibelung’s tip. 

Carlyle saw the result of his spell in the mid-air video.

Beneath the Son of Darkness’ feet, a bluish-white magic circle materialized.

No sooner had the Son of Darkness realized what was happening than he ignored Albert and made a run for it at top speed.

…Wise decision… Not half bad at all… Although— Carlyle chuckled in his mind and continued, no matter where you go, there’s nowhere to run.

Carlyle began weaving a chant together. “O Three-Headed Dragon of time immemorial! Indigo! Silver! Gold! Forgive me for unleashing a sinner unto thy world free of impurity—!”

Lucard ran for the hills, never once stopping.

The people walking along the streets gave Lucard quizzical looks, and as if to outstrip the magic circle beneath his feet, he ran like lightning.

However, the magic circle never left his feet.

It stayed there, as if glued to him.

…I have a bad feeling about this… Lucard felt something powerful about the magic circle at his feet—something far different than your average magic circle. It couldn’t be… A divine-class spell…?

Lucard knew that word from his days as a former Royal Magic Academy student.

Divine-class spells were the apex of all magic; they bordered on the realm of Gods.

Such a powerful spell is being cast here? 

Although, that isn’t entirely out of the question. 

The one pulling the strings behind the scenes is that geniusRoyal Court Magician Carlyle. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if he was capable of using a divine-class spell. 

No, he 100% can.

Everything adds up if I assume he can.

…This means that I actually still have time to escape…! 

Lucard changed his plans.

A long-winded chant is required to cast a divine-class spell. No matter how much of a genius Carlyle may be, he can’t cast it instantly.

In other words, Lucard still has time to work with.

I’ll deploy a magic circle in our hiding spot and wait for you there. When you’re done, book it and come straight back.

Faltima had said that.

I could run back to the hideout and escape using a transportation circle. If it brings me outside of the royal capital, Carlyle’s divine-class spell won’t be in range

Lucard smiled wryly, mocking himself. “…I guess I can’t say that for sure…”

After all, his opponent was that Royal Court Magician.

But this was the only card Lucard could play. All he could do was believe in a miracle.

Lucard ran through the royal capital like the wind.

He ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran…

Utilizing his leg strength, which was amplified by Darkness’ divine protection, he ran from the center of the capital where the magic academy was, to the area where middle-class citizens lived.

He entered a back alley. He found the door he was looking for, then forced it open with the weight and momentum of his body.

“—Lucard?” Faltima said, raising an eyebrow at the sorry sight that was Lucard.

In her right hand was a long, narrow, and golden wand resembling a baton. Spread across the floor beneath her feet was a red transportation circle, which she had drawn on the fly. Faltima must’ve already imbued it with her refined mana, as the transportation circle was shining brilliantly.

Her face stiffened upon seeing the shining magic circle beneath Lucard’s feet. “…W-What’s that!?”

“This is most likely Carlyle’s doing! Hurry, there’s no time!” he yelled, rushing into the transportation circle.


In a fraction of a second, Lucard and Faltima vanished from the hideout.

At the same time—

“O Divine Dragon King, grant my wish and exterminate this foolish cretin with thy breath of wrath!” Carlyle lifted his staff to the heavens with both hands and ended the chant. 

Then, he yelled the words that acted as the trigger:

“Empyreal Condemnation of the Enraged Divine Dragon King: Dragon Punishment!”

The spell of Gods was completed.

He turned his back to the capital and whispered:

“Farewell, Son of Darkness.”

Yesterday’s second chap. Gonna work on recreator now, thanks for reading.
EDIT: Made a translation mistake, wrote that Carlyle left on the first day of the Kingdom Festival, but it hasn’t started at this point in the story. Fixed it, my bad.


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