This is where I put any important information regarding the translations, website, etc.

No posts today

Hey guys, just letting you know I won’t be posting today. I got home way later than I thought I would yesterday so I went straight to sleep. I tried translating today but I was exhausted and couldn’t really concentrate, so I just decided to use this day to rest.…

Regarding the website

TLDR: No second chapter today (sorry), upgraded to premium, will renovate the site, and start running ads to pay for upkeep (do me a favor and whitelist me, please let me know if the ads are intrusive). Hey guys, I decided to upgrade to premium, which means I have my…

Poll is up!

First poll is up. Go and vote for the next novel you want to see me translate there.

First Announcement

Hey, I made an announcements page. I’ll put any important stuff here. Right now I’m working on trying to get the poll I’ve been talking about working. In case there’s anyone unaware, I plan on letting you guys choose which novel I translate next. I have three so far recommended…