The Reproducer of Creation Magic


“Don’t you ever step foot into my household again, you despicable vermin!

Our story takes place in a country where magic triumphs above all else, where nobles, and only nobles, are born with an all-important ability called Bloodline Magic

Enter Hermes, the second son of a noble household. Despite possessing an immense talent for magic, he was born without Bloodline Magic, thus deemed a failure and banished from his home.

Hermes, his mind in tatters, was on the verge of being killed. It was then that he had a chance encounter with Rose the Witch, who saw the potential in Hermes and took him in as her apprentice. Hermes would then realize the way the Kingdom viewed magic was utterly flawed. 

Bloodline Magic isn’t a blessing—it’s a curse. You’re the one and only person who’s free from that curse, someone who has the potential to master all the magic which exists in this world.

Having studied under Rose for 5 years, Hermes had acquired the ultimate magic: the ability to copy and reproduce every single spell. Armed with his newfound skill, Hermes would return to the royal capital. There, he would correct the errors of the Kingdom’s ways, guide his childhood friend through her troubles with magic, tear down the absurd misconceptions that led to his banishment, and ultimately become known as the messiah of the Kingdom. 

Book 1: The Good-for-Nothing and the Capital Disturbance
Chapter 1: A Good-for-Nothing Young Boy
Chapter 2: The Bottom of the Barrel Life
Chapter 3: Childhood Friend
Chapter 4: The Witch
Chapter 5: The Truth of Magic, Apprenticeship
Chapter 6: The Return to the Royal Capital
Chapter 7: The Duchess’ Dramatic Escape
Chapter 8: His Magic
Chapter 9: Reenactment
Chapter 10: Five Years
Chapter 11: The Trakia Household
Chapter 12: Like the Old Days
Chapter 13: The Labyrinth Attack
Chapter 14: The Labyrinth Master
Chapter 15: Alternative Magic
Chapter 16: The True Value of Magic
Chapter 17: The Celebration Party
Chapter 18: The Kingdom’s True Nature
Chapter 19: The Hero Prince
Chapter 20: The Crookedness of the Capital
Chapter 21: Wrath
Chapter 22: Monster Extermination
Chapter 23: The Fiancee
Chapter 24: The Origin of Magic
Chapter 25: Astor
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