The Recreator of Creation Magic ~ The Genius Boy Who Was Banished From His Household Became the Pupil of a Witch and Mastered All Magic the Right Way. This Is How You Use Magic, You Know~?

You’re a failure, don’t ever cross my threshold again! In a country where magic is everything, especially in a kingdom where everything is determined by the ability of ‘bloodline magic’ that only nobles are born with. Hermes, who was born as the second son of a certain noble family, was found to be a “failure” with no bloodline magic despite his high magical talent, and was exiled from the family. Hermes was almost killed in the depths of his disappointment, but then he was picked up by Rose, a “witch” he met, who saw his talent and made him her apprentice. After five years of training, he returns to King’s Landing with the most powerful magic of all – the ability to recreate all magic – and learns all kinds of magic he never knew he could. He corrects the wrong thinking spreading in the kingdom, saves his childhood friends who suffer from magic, destroys the incompetent position of the bloodline magic-dependent people who banished him, and eventually makes a name for himself as the savior of the kingdom.

Book 1: The Good-for-Nothing and the Capital Disturbance
Chapter 1: A Good-for-Nothing Young Boy
Chapter 2: The Bottom of the Barrel Life
Chapter 3: Childhood Friend

Chapter 4: The Witch
Chapter 5: The Truth of Magic, Apprenticeship
Chapter 6: The Return to the Royal Capital
Chapter 7: The Duchess’ Dramatic Escape
Chapter 8: His Magic
Chapter 9: Reenactment
Chapter 10: Five Years

Chapter 11: The Trakia Household
Chapter 12: Like the Old Days
Chapter 13: The Labyrinth Attack
Chapter 14: The Labyrinth Master
Chapter 15: Alternative Magic
Chapter 16: The True Value of Magic
Chapter 17: The Celebration Party
Chapter 18: The Kingdom’s True Nature
Chapter 19: The Hero Prince
Chapter 20: The Crookedness of the Capital
Chapter 21: Wrath
Chapter 22: Monster Extermination
Chapter 23: The Fiancee
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Chapter 25:
Chapter 26:
Chapter 27:
Chapter 28:
Chapter 29:
Chapter 30:
Chapter 31:
Chapter 32:
Chapter 33:
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