Hey there, I’m an amateur translator and I just wanted a place to post my translations, so I made this website. Right now it’s pretty barebones since I just got started and I have no clue how to properly use WordPress or actually make a decent-looking website. Eventually, when I start getting a hang of using WordPress, I’ll improve the areas where this website is lacking in design/features/etc.

I’ve been learning Japanese for around a year and a half (from January 2020 to July 2021 onwards) and I estimate my Japanese skill level is around low N2/high N3 (around high intermediate for those not familiar with JLPT), so I’m confident I can understand and accurately translate the source text. I’m a native English speaker and I thoroughly re-read what I translate to make sure it’s at my standard of writing, so I can assure you most of what I write will read smoothly (at least I hope).

I’m currently only translating a single series as I’m just trying to get this website off the ground, but feel free to email me any series you have that you want me to translate and I’ll take a look. Eventually, I might add a Patreon or something, but the translations I post here will always be free, and donations will be nothing more than a way to support/motivate me. If you have any suggestions/criticisms, please feel free to comment or email me.

Thanks for reading.