Honing the Beginner-Level Spell Magic Arrow to Its Absolute Limit


Albert, who had learned the beginner-level spell Magic Arrow at a young age, had the expectations of many riding on him, but he was unable to learn any other spell. 

His father was a prideful man, a noble who valued dignity above all, which resulted in Albert being banished from his household, his only saving grace being the house granted to him. There, he would spend nearly 10 years reading nothing else but grimoires about Magic Arrow. 

Unbeknownst to him, however, he had broken the limits of his Magic Arrow after all his relentless training.

To a young girl named Laura despairing that she would miss her exam, Albert would say: “I’ll give you a ride there with my Magic Arrow.”

“That spell can’t go further than 50 meters, so how’re you gonna manage that?”

This is the story of a man overcoming hardships with his uniquely strange spell and ultimately rising to become the ultimate magician⁠—all while convinced that his Magic Arrow is only slightly stronger than most.

Book 2: Enrollment, The Road to Heroship Begins
Chapter 17: The Royal Magic Academy Entrance Ceremony
Chapter 18: Albert’s Past—His Friend, Flin
Chapter 19: Albert’s Past—His Friend, Lucard
Chapter 20: To The Water Quality Investigation!
Chapter 21: The Frenzied Spirit
Chapter 22: The Frenzied Spirit’s Raid
Chapter 23: My Magic Arrow Hero
Chapter 24: The Magic Arrow Hero
Chapter 25: To Each End, To Each Tomorrow
Chapter 26: Welcome Back, Albert

Book 3: The Younger Brother Who Stands Afront—The Child Wonder, Alencia
Chapter 27: The Heir to the Luminous Household (The Guy Who Gets What He Deserves)
Chapter 28: An Invitation to the Battlefield (Beginning)
Chapter 29: An Invitation to the Battlefield (End)
Chapter 30: At the Battlefield
Chapter 31: Baron Lihilt Strahm (Beginning)
Chapter 32: Baron Lihilt Strahm (End)
Chapter 33: Albert and Alencia
Chapter 34: I Wanted to be Alone⁠—but I’m Not Alone
Chapter 35: Albert’s Past—His Friend, Laura
Chapter 36: The Rebirth of Magic Arrow
Chapter 37: A Turn for the Worse
Chapter 38: The Crest Master
Chapter 39: Alencia’s Do-or-die
Chapter 40: Alencia vs the Crest Master
Chapter 41: The End of Alencia Luminous
Chapter 42: The Crest Master’s Attack
Chapter 43: The Hero Albert Luminous’ Attack
Chapter 44: The Remaining Magic Arrows I Have Left Is…
Chapter 45: The End of the War
Chapter 46: Father and Son
Chapter 47: Because We’re Friends

Book 4: The Footprints of the Luminous Hero
Chapter 48: To the Luminous Territory
Chapter 49: Continuation・Father and Son (Beginning)
Chapter 50: Continuation・Father and Son (End)

Chapter 51: Setting Off
Chapter 52: The Capital of the Luminous Territory
Chapter 53: The First Step as the Luminous Hero
Chapter 54: The Adventurer’s Guild
Chapter 55: The Luminous Territory Cleanup Plan
Chapter 56: The Name of That Spellbook Is— (Beginning)
Chapter 57: The Name of That Spellbook Is— (End)
Chapter 58: The Lake Where the Hydra Sleeps
Chapter 59: The Vestiges of the Sealed Hydra
Chapter 60: The Legend of the Hydra
Chapter 61: Albert Can Do It!
Chapter 62: Magic Arrow – All Cannons Released: Full Burst
Chapter 63: The Hydra’s Reawakening
Chapter 64: They Call It the Realm of Gods (Beginning)
Chapter 65: They Call it the Realm of Gods (End)
Chapter 66: The End of the Hydra
Chapter 67: The Nightmare Ends, the Hero Returns
Chapter 68: The Luminous Hero

Book 5: Second Semester, The Darkness and Schemes that Enshroud the Academy
Chapter 69: The Royal Court Magician Hides His Joker
Chapter 70: The Son of Darkness Lucard Returns to the Capital
Chapter 71: Second Semester
Chapter 72: The World of Nobles
Chapter 73: The World of Commoners
Chapter 74: The Offensive Spell Exam! The Head of the Class vs Albert (Beginning)
Chapter 75: The Offensive Spell Exam! The Head of the Class vs Albert (Middle)
Chapter 76: The Offensive Spell Exam! The Head of the Class vs Albert (End)
Chapter 77: The Tragedy of the Milhis Household
Chapter 78: Things You Can’t Let Go Of
Chapter 79: The Undead Army’s Invasion
Chapter 80: Laura’s Distress Signal
Chapter 81: Save Laura!
Chapter 82: The Account of Blain Milhis
Chapter 83: 1:10 (Beginning)
Chapter 84: 1:10 (End)
Chapter 85: 1:10, Laura
Chapter 86: 1:10, Blain
Chapter 87: How About Forming a Pact and Becoming a Soldier of Darkness?
Chapter 88: Liz’s Confession
Chapter 89: Farewell, Blain
Chapter 90: Albert vs the Son of Darkness
Chapter 91: Rain of Magic Arrow
Chapter 92: Continuation・They Call it the Realm of Gods
Chapter 93: Empyrean Condemnation of the Enraged Divine Dragon King
Chapter 94: You Taught Me How to Live
Chapter 95: At Carlyle’s Estate
Chapter 96: The King of Darkness

Book 6: The Beautiful Third Princess and the Darkness Lurking in the Count’s Domain
Chapter 97: Viscount Lihilt Strahm (Beginning)
Chapter 98: Viscount Lihilt Strahm (End)
Chapter 99: Heavy Mithril vs Magic Arrow
Chapter 100: Third Princess Nastasia Valentine
Chapter 101: To The Count’s Domain We Go!
Chapter 102: A Warm Welcome from Count Emghis (We Weren’t Welcome)
Chapter 103:
Chapter 104:
Chapter 105:
Chapter 106:
Chapter 107:
Chapter 108:
Chapter 109:
Chapter 110:
Chapter 111:
Chapter 112:
Chapter 113:
Chapter 114:
Chapter 115:
Chapter 116:
Chapter 117:
Chapter 118:
Chapter 119:
Chapter 120:
Chapter 121:

Bonus Chapters
EX. 1:
EX. 2:
EX. 3:

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