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Chapter 101: To The Count’s Domain We Go!

Our high-speed carriage made its way into Emghis’ domain. The journey here was a lengthy one, spanning several days. It’s been such a pleasant experience that I don’t feel tired in the slightest, however. This thing’s a step above the carriages nobles use, too—it was custom-built and used by the royal family, which is nothing

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Chapter 99: Heavy Mithril vs Magic Arrow

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH?!” Lihilt screamed. He ran up to the Heavy Mithril embedded into the wall, bringing his face next to it. Its beautiful jet-black surface, which had been polished to a shine, was now riddled with cracks. “W-W-Wha?! Are you serious?! HUUUUUUH?!”  You could tell how dejected Lihilt was at a glance. I felt sorrier by

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Chapter 23: The Fiancee

Hermes and Katia continued completing various requests. Sometimes, they exterminated monsters that other nobles couldn’t handle, as they did previously. Other times, they delved into challenging labyrinths, bringing back several useful—though not quite Artifact-level—magic tools. Needless to say, some labyrinths were impossible to fully explore without the use of multiple Bloodline Magics. But thanks to

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Chapter 22: Monster Extermination

As a result of Second Prince Astor’s grand performance, Katia lost face in front of everyone, and to restore her good name, Katia and Hermes were headed east as per one of the request papers from Jurgen. Their destination was a small village in the countryside. As requested by the village, they were to exterminate

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Chapter 96: The King of Darkness

Carlyle began his explanation matter-of-factly, “There exists a race of people who excel at controlling Dark Power, and Darkness refers to their descendants, y’see.” He then paused for a moment and continued, “…Ah, if anyone has any questions, you’re welcome to ask whenever.” “Then I’ll ask right now,” I said, throwing him a question, “What is Dark Power?“ “I don’t

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Chapter 95: At Carlyle’s Estate

The Kingdom Festival came to an end, and Carlyle invited Firvus to his private residence. “…Man, this is embarrassing…” Carlyle voiced his sincere thoughts. “I acted all cool and went, ‘Farewell, Son of Darkness‘, but I utterly failed to finish the job…” He then put his hands on his head and yelled, “AAAAAAAAAAAAH! I WANT

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