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Chapter 22: Monster Extermination

As a result of Second Prince Astor’s grand performance, Katia lost face in front of everyone, and to restore her good name, Katia and Hermes were headed east as per one of the request papers from Jurgen. Their destination was a small village in the countryside. As requested by the village, they were to exterminate

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Chapter 96: The King of Darkness

Carlyle began his explanation matter-of-factly, “There exists a race of people who excel at controlling Dark Power, and Darkness refers to their descendants, y’see.” He then paused for a moment and continued, “…Ah, if anyone has any questions, you’re welcome to ask whenever.” “Then I’ll ask right now,” I said, throwing him a question, “What is Dark Power?“ “I don’t

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Chapter 95: At Carlyle’s Estate

The Kingdom Festival came to an end, and Carlyle invited Firvus to his private residence. “…Man, this is embarrassing…” Carlyle voiced his sincere thoughts. “I acted all cool and went, ‘Farewell, Son of Darkness‘, but I utterly failed to finish the job…” He then put his hands on his head and yelled, “AAAAAAAAAAAAH! I WANT

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Chapter 94: You Taught Me How to Live

After losing consciousness during my battle with the masked man, I ended up getting hospitalized. …I really only got punched and blacked out, though… Upon asking the staff, they said, “We’ve been ordered by the country to nurse you with utmost care!”. If I had to guess, it’s because I’m nobility. The next day, while

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Chapter 93: Empyrean Condemnation of the Enraged Divine Dragon King

The instant Lucard leaped into the transportation circle, Faltima shouted, “Teleportation!” For a split second, their field of vision went black. In the blink of an eye, Faltima teleported them to a grove of trees near the royal capital. Unfortunately for them, this was the furthest a single person could teleport, unlike any other transportation

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Chapter 21: Wrath

While Hermes gave Astor a death stare, Astor lashed out at Hermes. Just as Astor was about to rattle on about something or the other, he raised his well-shaped eyebrows in suspicion. “…? That face… that hair, and the color of those eyes… Could it be…?” he muttered quizzically. He approached Hermes and stopped in

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Chapter 92: Continuation・They Call it the Realm of Gods

Right about when Albert and Lucard began their confrontation— In one of the rooms of the royal castle, Carlyle gazed at the two of them from an Observation Crystal. “It’s finally time…” He softly chuckled. “Everything’s going smoothly.” Carlyle’s trap, which he told to Firvus around the end of summer, was now approaching its final

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Chapter 91: Rain of Magic Arrow

In all honesty, I didn’t have the faintest idea what was going on. A hologram of Carlyle as large as the school building popped into view. “My dear academy students, it’s me, Carlyle,” he said, waving his right hand. The students must’ve noticed his voice, as they peered out the school building windows. Sheer disbelief written

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